IPHAB Task Team on the development of periodic Global HAB Status Report

Terms of Reference:

  • Advise the IOC secretariat/IODE Project Office and HAIS partners on requirements for HAIS adjustments, quality control and web site edits;
  • Advise and encourage regional groups and editors on data compilation and submission of HAB data to OBIS/HABMAP and HAEDAT;
  • Review a user guide (drafted by the IOC secretariat) for data submission to HAEDAT;
  • Advise on and stimulate the use of HAIS data and data products and act proactively if GHSR/HAIS conclusions or data are misinterpreted or incorrectly referred to;
  • Advise and assist in the development of a webinar on the GHSR and HAIS;
  • Compile and assess feedback on the first edition of the GHSR and its components with a view to ultimately advise on a second edition of the GHSR;
  • Engage with working groups, groups of experts within and outside IOC (including IOC IGMETS, IOC Trends-PO, ICES WGPME, the marine sites of the International network on Long Term Ecological Research (I-LTER), EMODNET-Biology, and ICES-IOC WGHABD), and individual scientists to identify time series of phytoplankton data including information on HAB species;
  • Investigate with the IOC-SCOR GlobalHAB programme possibilities of organizing initiatives (such as workshops, interactive data analysis, courses) on HAB time series analysis in the context of environmental variability;
  • In 6 months develop a succinct list of challenges, objectives and actions with respect to the Task Team topic that will address the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development objectives and challenges and to present these at an IPHAB intersessional on-line consultation September 2021 with a view to formulate an IPHAB strategic framework for UN Decade initiatives,

Decides also that the Task Team is chaired by Eileen Bresnan (UK) and comprises A. Zingone (Italy), the Chair of the IPHAB Task Team on Biotoxins, the Chair of the IPHAB Task Team on Taxonomy, the Chair IODE GE-BICH, and may invite representatives of the GlobalHAB SSC, the regional IOC groups ANCA, FANSA, HANA and WESTPAC/HAB, the ICES-IOC WGHABD, the PICES HAB Section, WoRMS, IAEA, FAO and ISSHA. The Task Team is supplemented by international advisors and experts G. Hallegraeff (AU) and may be expanded as required to fulfill the terms of reference,

Invites the IODE Programme and OBIS technical staff to continue its active role in HAIS incl. HAEDAT through its Ocean Biodiversity Information System (OBIS),

Notes that the task team will continue its work until otherwise decided by the Panel, and that it will work by correspondence and/or meet upon request by the IOC Secretariat, and provide a progress report for the intersessional period to the Chairs of IPHAB and IODE prior to IPHAB-XVI and IODE-XXVI and XXVII.