In order to register for the IPI exercise, the designated person in each laboratory must fill out the form below. If the laboratory wants to register more than one participant to the exercise, they can tick the box ‘add a second participant’ and keep doing this until you register the total number of participants for your laboratory. If the analysts are in different locations, please write the different addresses for each analyst or group of analysts in the location box. Please make sure you write the full name of all participants and make sure all details entered in the form are correct, especially e-mail addresses, as they will be used to communicate with the analysts directly.

Registration Package

The fee for the proficiency test is 600 Euros per participant, excluding bank fees. This fee covers sample preparation, verification, packing and shipping, preparation of an online taxonomy HABs quiz, intercomparison study design, transfer and data analysis of results, statistical analysis, overall data processing, preparation of a final report and a statement of performance certificate. Once registration has closed, participants will receive:

  • Samples couriered to individual analysts in each laboratory.
  • A Phytoplankton taxonomy quiz in ‘Ocean teacher’ will be accessed online.
  • Relevant set of protocols and instructions.
  • Electronic summary report of laboratories performance in the intercomparison exercise.
  • Confidential statement of performance certificate.
  • Invitation to a training/wash-up workshop where participants will be presented with a draft report and have the opportunity to share experiences, discuss general results and make suggestions for future work. The workshop will have a practical element and guest speakers are invited to present their work during these sessions.
  • Course materials at the workshop.

Please note that registration does not cover flights to and from the workshop, accommodation or meals during the workshop.


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