The HAB online taxonomic assessment is organised annually and set up by Jacob Larsen (IOC UNESCO, Centre for Science and Communication on Harmful Algae, Denmark) and Rafael Salas (Canary Islands Hamrful Algal Observatory (OCHAB), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain). The exercise is prepared in the web platform ‘Ocean teacher’ https://classroom.oceanteacher.org/ . The Ocean teacher training facility is run by the IODE (International Oceanographic Data and information Exchange) office www.iode.org  based in Oostende, Belgium. The IODE and IOC organise some collaborative activities among them, the IOC training courses on toxic algae (https://hab.ioc-unesco.org/) and the IPI online taxonomic assessment. The online HAB assessment uses the open source software Moodle Vr2.0 (https://moodle.org).

In order to access the exercise, please follow these instructions.