IOC Science and Communication Centres on Harmful Algae

The IOC Science and Communication Centres on Harmful Algae is an IOC-UNESCO decentralized Programme Office located at University of Copenhagen (Denmark) operated in cooperation with a number of partner research institutions.

Science and Communication Centre on Harmful Algae – Copenhagen

The Centre in Copenhagen was established in 1995 as a decentralized IOC Programme Office for the IOC Harmful Algal Bloom Programme.

It is established at the Department of Biology of the University of Copenhagen, as a joint activity between the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and this University.

Human Resources:

  • Henrik Enevoldsen, IOC Programme Coordinator
  • Jacob Larsen, Associate Professor
  • Marie-Yasmine Dechraoui Bottein, Associated Expert
  • Pia Heacky, Associated Expert

Associated scientific staff of the University of Copenhagen, Marine Biological Section, and the Danish Natural History Museum:

  • Professor Per Juel-Hansen
  • Professor Øjvind Moestrup
  • Associate Professor Niels Daugbjerg
  • Associate Professor Nina Lundholm

The  Centre has three focus areas:

  • training
  • the international research programme IOC-SCOR GlobalHAB
  • manuals & guides

This is implemented through a number of core activites:

  • training courses
  • support to regional networks development of on-line data-bases development -web based learning modules
  • production of a newsletter
  • cooperative research projects
  • curriculum development
  • research activities in relevant fields of harmful microalgae