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30 Oct 12 Future HAB Research Priorities?
A GEOHAB session at the ICHA to present ideas and discuss HAB research priorities in the coming decades. For more information contact: Chair GEOHAB SSC, Dr. R. Kudela at kudela@ucsc.edu
Changwon, Korea Rep
Town Hall Meeting: GlobalHAB, the new international SCOR-IOC program for the study of HABs Conveners: Elisa Berdalet (Chair), on behalf of the GlobalHAB Scientific Steering Committee (SSC),...
Florianópolis, Brazil
19 - 22 May 15 Harmful Algal Blooms and Climate Change
Symposium Objectives: To bring together algal physiologists, ecologists, oceanographers, modellers and climate change specialists to develop a consensus on the priority research directions for...
Gothenburg, Sweden
9 - 11 Apr 08 GEOHAB Scientific Steering Committee
Agenda items: • Update on Core Research Projects and Discussion of Future Plans • Core Research Initiative on Benthic HABs • Planning of a HAB Modelling Workshop • Task Team on...
United States
28 Jan - 1 Feb 08 2nd ASIAN GEOHAB MEETING
The First Asian GEOHAB meeting was held in Tokyo 15-16 March 2007. The Second Asian GEOHAB Meeting will provide an opportunity to develop further ideas and outlines of regional and national...
17 - 21 Oct 09 Second Open Science Meeting on HABs and Eutrophication
Eutrophication is recognized as one of the factors contributing to the increasing proliferation of harmful algal blooms in coastal areas worldwide. The first Open Science Meeting on “HABs in...
24 - 26 Apr 13 GEOHAB Open Science Conference
Paris cedex 15, France
14 - 16 Jun 12 IOC-SCOR GEOHAB Scientific Steering Committee Metteing
Copenhagen K, Denmark
21 - 23 Aug 12 GEOHAB: “Advances and challenges for understanding physical-­biological interactions in HABs in Stratified Environments”
A Workshop to review the major discoveries regarding physics, biology, ecology and/or Chemistry of HABs in stratified systems. Through group discussion after presentations, We will identify the...
Moss Landing, United States
2 - 4 Nov 11 GEOHAB Scientific Steering Committee
Plymouth, United Kingdom

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