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in North Africa

IOC- HANAIII: Thrid workshop on harmful Algal Blooms in North Africa

  Casablanca, Morocco, 5-7 December 2011




IOC-HANA III: Casablanca 5-7 December 2011


 IOC-HANA II: Alexandria 7-9 November 2009 

The HANA network was initiated by the participants to “ The Regional Training Course on Harmful Algae” organized by IOC/UNESCO in cooperation with other international agencies in Salambo, Tunisia in December 2003. HANA was endorsed as one of the regional networks of the IOC/UNESCO Intergovernmental Panel for Harmful Algal Blooms at the seventh meeting of IPHAB in March 2005 (HANA Declaration).

The HANA region has considerable marine resources consisting among others of fish and shellfish mariculture and tourism. Economic losses are due to harmful blooms caused by the proliferation of a variety of species belonging to the bacillariophyceae, the cyanophyceae, the dinophyceae, the cryptophyceae and the prasinophyceae. In this region more than elsewhere knowledge about the processes driving the incidence of such blooms is far from satisfactory. Reports on HABs are scattered and often result from unassisted individual efforts. HANA will contribute to capacity building and encourage the exchange of information with the aim of creating a continuously updated data and metadata-base. Three types of information are being collected and will be made available at the HANA site:

1) The incidence of HABs, the species involved and the concomitant environmental conditions
2) The presonel involved, their areas of specialization and their level of expertise
3) The relevant regional publications.

The data base comprises, so far, a list of more than 150 publications. A provisional list of harmful, potentially harmful and red tide-producing species has been compiled from the publications and from the reports received. Distribution maps of the species and of the outbreaks have been attempted, although large gaps remain.
With the assistance of IOC, HANA will work towards further enhancing the research capabilities in the region. Advanced training workshops will be organized and a digital identification guide to the harmful species of the region will be developed. Working groups will bring together scientists and managers for exchange of information and experience and for updating their knowledge. Some selected scientists will be given the opportunity to interact with the international scientific community by attending relevant meetings and conferences.
Further progress towards the implementation of HANA objectives will be achieved through intra-regional cooperation in one or more Pilot Projects supported by IOC.

The database is compiled by Dr. Amany Ismael, Department of Oceanography, Faculty of Science, Alexandria 21511, Egypt This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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HANA Chairman
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The HANA Declaration, the report of HANA 2007 Meeting, the List of Participants and Abstracts are available in the 'HANA Documents Section'. 

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